In the hyperlinks to the left and in reports written below,  you may read of revival and the miraculous healing power of Jesus in our day.

To God Be All The Glory!



Revival Crusade

Pastor: James McPhaill

Date:  April 15 - 17

Visalia, Callifornia


Miraculous Healing of a sister that had been on oxygen for two years resulting from a lung disease and unable to take a deep breath. 

In the altar service, suddenly she felt healed and pulled out the oxygen tubes and came up to me and told me her story.  I then said, "You need to tell the whole audience this" and I handed her the mike.  She went to the pulpit and simply preached taking deep breathes which she had not been able to do for two years!  It was electrifying and the Power of God flowed over one and all . . . Oh What A Savior is our Jesus!!!

Each service was most memorable!  Brother McPhaill said to me. "Each year I think this cannot get any better, but each year it does!"  I am MOST GRATEFUL!

Lee Stoneking . . .







November 12, 2003 as I was leaving Sydney, Australia for Honolulu, Hawaii for another conference, I fell instantaneously dead of a massive heart attack.  A vein on the right side of my heart had narrowed and enough blockage had collected to facilitate my death.  I was clinically dead for 45 minutes or more with absolutely no hope for me.  I was slated DOA (dead on arrival) and placed on stretcher in ambulance and headed for local hospital.

I had been given resuscitation, CPR, and ten electric shock treatments to my heart... nothing worked.  My heart would beat three or for times and stop as stated by the ambulance driver who cared for me on the airport floor and ambulance drive to hospital.

However, in the ambulance without any efforts from those on board, my heart began to beat and my breathing returned.  It was a total miracle from God!!!  Nothing else had worked...

Upon my return to the USA in December of 2003, Dr. Weiner put two stents in the vein that had narrowed on the right side of my heart and I was released from hospital to return to my home. 

In March of 2004 I went back to Jackson, Tennessee for a checkup and two more stents were put in veins on the left side of my heart that Dr. Weiner had noted were narrowing in December.  

He then placed a third stent between the two he had put in in December - stating to me that he had fixed everything that could be fixed and that I was good for 40 years.

I remember stating to him that I was not sure I wanted to live another 40 years in this world. We both chuckled...

He is simply an outstanding doctor

It was my impression that the stents lasted for the rest of my life... However, I found out in the last few weeks that stents are only good for about five years.  I had lived for ten years on five stents with no medication of any kind.  The doctors recently told me, "Reverend the greatest miracle of all is that you lived ten years on five stents without any medication of any kind.  That just doesn't happen!"


OPEN HEART SURGERY:  March 5, 2013 I returned to Tennessee to preach an annual RIOT Crusade for Brother Jeff Young in Bethel Springs, Tenn.  I went a couple of days early to get a complete checkup at hospital in Jackson which I had not had in a couple of years.   The crusade was preached - it was a tremendous success - God mightily moved and blessed! 

On Tuesday March 12th I went to the hospital for results of my tests at which time I was shown, that the five stents had scar tissue around them and they were blocked which in turn blocked the veins in which they had been placed.  One vein was 100% blocked, another was 99% blocked, the vein on backside of the heart was blocked.  I had only one vein open on the front of the heart and no blood at all was getting to the bottom part of my heart.  The prognosis was that I would probably live maybe six months and then just drop dead.

Stents would not work, the only option was surgery which would be open heart surgery.  Upon seeing the photos and X-rays of my heart area, I said, "when can you do it?"  they said we can do it tomorrow."  (March 13th)  I said, "I'll do it!" 

On March 13th  I went in for open heart surgery  which took five and one half hours. Veins were taken from my legs and an artery from my shoulder - the breastplate was sawn in half, the ribs were pulled apart and heart exposed for surgery...

I had a five by pass surgery (which  is the most

 one can have) Doctor Sievers (Photo on R) who

 performed the surgery is one of the very best!

  Dr. Young stated to me, "He did a tremendous

job on your heart, Brother Stoneking!" 

I am eternally Grateful!


Above note the bypasses that were made to my heart which are the 'lined' veins.  Amazing and miraculous at the same time...

Doctors informed me that after totally recovered from this major surgery which takes about three months, that I would have the strength and energy that I had 35 or 40 years ago and that my life would be extended another 15 to 20 years at which time I will be in my early 90's...  Tremendous! However at that point, I am ready for heaven's awaiting... Surely Jesus will come in the clouds of glory before then - everything points to it - O Happy Day!!!

I am totally convinced that Jesus has gone out of His way to keep me alive:  ten years ago in 2003 I was ready to go and in March of this year 2013, I was ready to go...  Something is going on with me where Jesus is concerned... I have had some glorious insights and want to do more for our people and the Kingdom of God than ever before.  I am excited!!!

My eternal Thanks for all your support: letters, cards, phone calls from around the world and the financial support you have sent to undergird my life, ministry, and well being.  I can never thank you with words, but will endeavor to do so with deeds and ministering to you all as I have always done for the past 49 years.  You make this all worth-while for me.  I literally live for you - I always have - and will continue to do so...  I belong to the people-THANK YOU FOR THE HONOR !!!

Notes and letters of gratitude are being sent by me personally to all pastors, churches, and individuals who have supported me financially during this time in my life - Again; THANK YOU - it means more than words could ever say...


Lee Stoneking..






Home Missionary Conference

Pastor:  Jerry Dillion

August 18 - Jackson, Mississippi

Seventy home missionary couples attended this great conference hosted with all expenses paid by Pastor Jerry Dillion and his wonderful church congregation.  This conference has been in place for a number of years with miraculous results and incredible help to those attending!  This year was no exception!

Thursday night I spoke on Peace Beyond Fear, an understanding that God has brought to me - there is a reason we do not see more miracles and healings among us...  Upon transmitting the message, I simply spoke the Word of Faith and rebuked all fear from all present.  God mightily came among us with healings and deliverances numerous...

Pastor Dillion at end of altar service and ministering asked for those who had received a miracle of healing to stand  -  111 people stood  declaring and testifying of a miracle of healing in their bodies.  Book of Acts flashed across the entire audience - we will not be the same having experienced this miraculous encounter with the Lord among us!!!

During ministering among the people at the altar service, I came upon a young couple. He was blind in his right eye.  God opened his eye and he saw clearly - faith spread powerfully  among the people.

That led a missionary couple from Oregon to approach me and ask if they could stand in for their son who had been paralyzed since 2006 due to an industrial accident and injury.  Upon praying for their son Josh through them - something miraculous happened!!!

 Josh was a runner and had run two miles in 13 minutes - very athletic!  But since the industrial accident, he had had no feeling in one of his legs.  His doctor told him he would never walk again - it would be impossible and basically there was no hope for him at all.  Josh mentioned trust in God - the doctor was totally negative...  To see and read of Josh's miraculous healing go to my Testimonials  page where you will see glorious photos of his miracle first hand...  

Lee Stoneking




Indoor Camp Meeting

Date:  August 7 - 9, 2013

Madisonville, Kentucky

Pastor:  Ron Hendricks


A Marvelous Miracle

Jacob Upton was a guest in the audience on Wednesday the opening night of conference.  During the altar service, Brother Knox brought him to me and asked that I pray for healing.

Jacob was headed for open heart surgery on Monday following conference.  He gasped for his breath, pain in left arm.  There were two holes in his heat and the aorta valve was tearing loose from the heart...  Jacob was unable to sleep at night rising often due to breathing difficulties gasping most of the time with the pain in his left arm always there...

I prayed along with others and felt such a tremendous burden for him.   I held onto him

Myself and Jacob

until I felt the 'thing I know' flow through me.  He was wonderfully miraculously healed... I will give you more details but for the moment, read his testimony in his own word by clicking on the link below: 

Jacob Upton Testimony






The Prophetic



Detroit, Michigan

 Pastors Art & Beth Wilson


Revivalists and soul

 winners of the highest

 caliber - just the loveliest

 of people to minister for,

 with, and to their

 anointed congregation.



Lee Stoneking




Mark was born with Cerebral Palsy and it caused his feet to be turned inward and it made it difficult to walk.  During Prophetic Word Conference God straightened Mark’s feet.  He is now able to walk straight!  Praise God!

I watched his feel straighten - he began to walk and then he took off running! Miraculous and Powerful!  All of us were ecstatic!!!  LS



Upper L hand corner

At Prophetic Word Conference

 Rachel was prayed for and the pressure

 that she had in  her head for months was gone.

  God spoke to her and told her that there was a

 tumor growing in her head 3 months ago! 

She is now

 healed of




Lower bottom of collage:  Regina had a shoulder replacement surgery a few weeks ago and was not able to lift her arm and needed extensive amount of physical therapy in hopes of using her arm again.  She came to Prophetic Word Conference just weeks after her surgery with her arm in a sling.  (A child barely bumped it and she was in excruciating pain)  During the conference as this picture was being taken God completely healed her shoulder!

Upper R hand corner 

Pat was scheduled for polyp surgery in her nose a month ago. 

She felt from the Lord not to get the surgery and waited for her healing. 

At PWC, God removed the polyps in her nose and no surgery was needed,

just God’s



 the Lord!


To God Be The Glory!!!

Speaker, Harold Hoffman was his usual outstanding self - mightily anointed with such revelatory insight lifting the human spirit and soul to God and His Word - Amazing - one of my favorite preachers...

Speaker, Robert Henson preached such an amazing insightful message about this Apostolic Truth and its endurance;  the viability to sustain itself no matter the environment... a must to hear and digest!  Thank you Brother Henson!

Speaker, Lee Stoneking  I simply endeavored to follow the Spirit of God and He was most definitely manifested!  To Him be all the glory!  AMEN!



A Word From Pastor Art Wilson:   

We cannot put into words the impact that Brother Stoneking has had on the Metro Detroit area. He has faithfully ministered at the Prophetic Word Conference every year, and every year we have moved higher and higher into the glory of God! The miracles, signs, and wonders have been nothing short of a book of acts experience, and lives and ministries have been changed forever!

Brother Stoneking has been a close member of our family since I was a young man in the ministry, he is a developer, and encourager of apostolic ministers. He imparts his anointing and mentorship freely.  He is one of the great voices of the church in this last day! Without Brother Lee Stoneking there would be no Prophetic Word Conference!

Thank you Brother Stoneking for everything you do for the body of Christ!         Wonderful regards,  Pastor Art Wilson




October 2011


Night of Miracles

Saturday Night - Oct 15th

I was honored to be chosen by the fellowship to preach this Night of Miracles service.  God mightily moved in all His might and power.  It was miraculous.  58 notable miracles took place among the people who came to the platform and recorded in writing their miracle of healing from the Lord!  Hundreds could not get there for the throng. 

At the end of the service, many left their hearing aids etc., on the platform.  One man walked out of the auditorium spinning his crutches and laughing.  He had been healed!!!  A large cancerous growth disappeared from a preacher's neck while people watched...  He later, as I ministered through the crowd, grabbed me with total joy as he recounted the event to me personally!  To Jesus be the Glory!

Hundreds of young couples in the ministry and aspiring to the ministry stood with their hands raised weeping with worship and prayers to God.  The understanding had reached them -  This can happen for me and my ministry.  God can and will use me in this Book of Acts demonstration!

One minister stated that the greatest thing for him was that in addition to the miracles of healing witnessed by all there, that his children had heard him preach all of their lives that Jesus healed - but now they had seen it for themselves.  It was not just some account from days gone by, but that they had been eye witness to the Power of God  for themselves; thus this generation has seen it - thus it is not lost to the next generation!  This generation will transmit it to the next!!!   This has been my continual burden through the years - that this generation will touch and possess the miraculous!  Eternally thankful I am for this great witness of God in these last days of this generation!!!


One outstanding leader among us stated, "I have never seen anything like this!"

Another leader said, "This is one of the most powerful moves of God at a General Conference in the history of the United Pentecostal Church!"  My prayer:  that within every city where a UPC General Conference is held; this miraculous move may intensify from year to year-- the city shaken and converted to Jesus! May the Lord grant it I pray!

Lee Stoneking




Reverend David Bernard

 General Superintendent

 United Pentecostal Church International


Report from Brother Bernard on the Saturday evening Service

• 7 water-baptized during the crusade service
• 88 filled with the Holy Ghost during the crusade service
• 11 filled with the Holy Ghost in the children's crusade
• 251 total filled with the Holy Ghost in 2 days
• 58 notable healings during the crusade service, documented in writing (not counting hundreds of hands lifted to signify healing)


Update:  Nov 24, 2011  --  Within the last two weeks, I have been alerted that over 200 known healings took place in the Night of Miracles General Conference service. To God Be The Glory!   

Lee Stoneking



.....That led a missionary couple from Oregon to approach me and ask if they could stand in for their son who had been paralyzed since 2006 due to an industrial accident and injury.  Upon praying for their son Josh through them - something miraculous happened!!!

Healing is on the way...

Josh was a runner and had run two miles in 13 minutes - very athletic!  But since the industrial accident, he had had no feeling in one of his legs.  His doctor told him he would never walk again - it would be impossible and basically there was no hope for him at all.  Josh mentioned trust in God - the doctor was totally negative...

Healing is on the way...


You can see the heart of a Dad & his loving support for his son

Healing is on the way...


Life Continues with Baby Dedication

Healing is on the way...

As soon as I walked away from Josh's parents in the conference, he felt warmth in his leg.  With his eyes closed he thought it was friends around him with their hands on his leg, but when he opened his eyes from praying, all hands were on his shoulders - not his leg.  It was God and he knew it!  Josh came out of the wheelchair and began to walk on his own.  He ran in the house and then went outside and ran in the drive way.  It was filmed by family and friends there...  Praise God!!!

The bigger and more wonderful thing for Josh was and his own words:  "I could not stand and pray with my eyes closed, I had to always look at the floor or I would simply fall.  Your feet help you to keep your balance.  I could not close my eyes and raise my hands praying, I would fall.  After I ran I lifted my hands, closed my eyes, and prayed for two minutes straight  I did not fall - I am healed!

Healing is on the way....

I was able to contact Josh in Oregon and he related these facts to me.  Josh has the most marvelous Christian spirit - just totally Christian!  I am so very impressed with both Josh and his parents!!!

Healing Has Come!! I stay in touch with Josh from time to time - he is walking, playing tennis, and his attitude is simply electrifying - lifts one's spirits and faith!  He is most definitely a hero among the children of faith along with his dear wife and parents.  I admire and esteem them highly!!!

Lee Stoneking






I have met these very fine people:  He resigned pastoring when cancer came upon him.  Since being healed, he travels giving testimony of his miracle to at least 10 people per day - has at times witnessed to over 135 people in just the travel time alone en route to speaking engagement!  Praise God for such boldness and burden!!!

Lee Stoneking



Angels & Miracles Upon Us


This vision was seen by Vani Marshall in Malaysia  during DCD from Singapore.  God is comforting His People with manifestations that cannot be doubted.  One sister came the next morning relating that she could not sleep but was visited by an angel.  Another man told how an angle came to his room and a manifestation of fire filled the air around him... 

More and more the Church in the end will experience and manifest all that was in the Book of Acts in 33AD and beyond.  This Power of God in His Church destroyed the Roman Empire, so noted by present scholars of renown.  With manifest joy we welcome it in our day!!!

Lee Stoneking...




Ryan Johnson came down with a virus which settled in the heart and necessitated a Heart Transplant!  

His heart had enlarged until it was one half the size of a foot ball!  Ryan was admitted to the hospital to wait  for a donor heart.  Sometimes it can take years to obtain the donor heart.   It was received in three weeks and the surgery was scheduled.

The complications surrounding such a surgery are varied and prognosis can vary considerably. For example; if there is blood loss to the brain, talking has to be learned all over again - walking has to be re-learned...

The night before entering the hospital Ryan was taken out to eat by his Pastor, Art Wilson, as a kind of celebration in case something unforeseen developed...  It was during this dinner

engagement between Pastor Wilson, Ryan and family members that I felt to phone Brother Wilson. I reached him at the table dining with Ryan.

Explanation was given me as to their purpose of dining together.

I then asked to speak with Ryan and the phone was given to Ryan and we were connected.

Pastor Wilson

 I felt to pray for him over the phone and did so. I felt the Might, the Power of God as I prayed;

I knew in the Spirit Ryan was safe and secure in God!

The surgery began after the three week wait with the arrival of the donor heart early the next morning and was extensive.

Recover can take weeks for things to return to normalcy in the patient's life!

When Ryan came out of the anesthetic, his first words were; "Call Brother Stoneking and tell him, we made it!" Incredible – shocking – defiant of all prognosis – and demanding recognition of God’s Divine Intervention. It was possible as stated above that he would not speak, but he did immediately! Doctors are thrilled and excited about Ryan’s recovery story - with new update details to be added in medical journals!

Ryan was able to go home within nine days after surgery; ministering as Music Minister in his own church on Sunday.

There was not one instance of any kind of rejection from his body to the replacement heart. This in itself is a Miracle of God – it doesn’t happen in medical science. God does indeed hear our cry on behalf of loved ones and friends!  Oh What A Savior!!!   To God Be The Glory! AMEN!


Update 3/12/10 

I just came from Uplift

Conference in Midland,

Michigan with Pastor

Parsons.  Ryan and his

lovely wife came a two

and one half hour drive

to be in the services.

They were jubilant with

Ryan & I in Midland

 praise and worship!  They

 inspired everyone!  Our

 faith was raised to a

 marvelous level bringing

 healing and deliverance

 among us with Powerful

 worship lifted unto the


Lee Stoneking



Miracle of Sight

Dear Brother Stoneking,

This past year in 2004 at Madisonville, KY (August) was my wife's first time being able to come to the Camp meeting.  With great expectancy we came to Camp meeting this year expecting a miracle to be performed on her eyes.  Last October, Rosalind had developed an eye condition called multifocal choroditis, which is simply inflammation in the retina of the eye resulting in scaring of the retina.  Since October of last year, Rosalind was not able to perform her job, could not even see our Pastor preaching even while sitting on the front row, let alone the numbers on the radio in our car.

We had to get special equipment for her to complete her course work for college.  The counselors at our local college advised us that Rosalind might as well practice being blind.  In the meantime we had seen numerous doctors and specialists, even also visiting the Cleveland Mayo Clinic.  All of them said that there was no cure and nothing that they could do.  One of the optometrists told us as she was looking into one of her eyes that she did not understand why

Rosalind could see so well out of her right eye because that eye was in the worst condition.

Since Madisonville,  (August)) things suddenly started to become clearer for her.  She began to notice that she was able to not only start seeing numbers on the car clock, but she even found herself starting to read magazines and newspapers! 

 Those large black spots that were preventing her seeing -  she began to see through them!  Jesus was truly performing another wonderful miracle!

Within the past two weeks we went to see if she could get her drivers license, and Brother Stoneking, she passed BOTH vision tests, and today she passed all the driving tests awarding her with her driver's license!  There is absolutely nothing like our Jesus!  The impossible realm surely is the area that Jesus loves to work in!  You truly have testified about that!

Our Pastor had us both get up during a Sunday night service last week and my wife gave her testimony as well myself.  Faith built so high in the congregation that five people received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and one was baptized in the Blessed Name of Jesus.  As Psalm 105:l states, "Oh give thanks unto the Lord; call upon His name:  make known His deed among the people."

We do appreciate your ministry and you are always in our prayers.

Sincerely,  Brother Eric Tyner   October 26, 2004



M a r c u s 

One year ago at Singles With A Mission in Pensacola, Florida I was in the isle at the end of a very powerful altar service in which many were blessed and lifted to a higher level of deliverance and awareness of God. 
While rejoicing with several other men, I looked up into the face of this young man standing watching me. I did something I had never done before.  I looked into his eyes and simply asked,   "Can I help you?" 

His reply was an indictment which I shall ever carry with me in Gospel Work always.

He simply said boldly to me, "You know you can!"  I reached out and laid my hands upon him;  he fell forward speaking with tongues with much weeping!  It was incredible - powerful - and impacting!

One year later (2004) he is still helped by the Power of God from my life and ministry.  I am of all people most Blessed and my Thankfulness only intensifies with the passing of time, an eyewitness to the Power and Majesty of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

This photo represents a most unusual experience for me that I shall never forget.  It has profoundly changed my life in dealing with all peoples...AMEN!





Miracle of Healing!  Kacie Hamm

Kacie Hamm

2 yrs old

I first met Kacie when she was two years old.  She was born with this facial growth... Her parents brought her to me for prayer. 

Pray was made and not until this Kentucky Camp Meeting, some four years later (2003) did I know the results of that prayer...




Kacie Hamm

6 1/2 yrs later

"...They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover."  Mark 16:18


This is the Gospel that Jesus died for and this is our heritage and this is our message and this is our day!  Let none deny nor fail to acknowledge it! 

Lee Stoneking





Madison, Mississippi

Pastor:  Jerry Dillon

Date:  March 16 - 18, 2002

The Dillon Family:  From L to R: Jason, Jeffrey,  Brother & Sister Dillon



God mightily moved in Parkway Pentecostal Church over these two days and three services.  Eight received the Holy Ghost and two were baptized in Jesus' Mighty Saving Name!  There were miracles of healing which are shown below:  There was a tremendous 'faith renewing' for all of us there.  The Dillon family is a simply precious family used wonderfully by God.  In ten years time they began with practically nothing and now have upwards to 400 in attendance. 

Bro Dillon is absolutely 'alive' with the fervor and burden of the Lord.  And it shows in his congregation.  It was my great pleasure to minister among these precious people and celebrate the goodness of God in these end times with them.


Testimonies of Healings:

Henrietta Hickman

Sister Henrietta Hickman was nearly killed when several months ago she was run over in her car by a school bus in a head on collision.  When the mercy jaws came to rescue her from the wreckage, her feet and legs were cut off.  One leg was only holding on by just a piece of skin.  The doctors surgically operated and put everything back together.   But they told her she would never walk again.  This is just the setting for a miracle.  Every miracle begins with an impossibility:  

Sister Henrietta came to the service Monday night on a walker which she used with great difficulty.  At the end of the preaching, I was praying fervently on the platform floor and when  finished, I looked up to my left and saw that the people had helped her to the altar area.  I went down to her and the photos tell the story...

I am approaching Sister Hickman here...  You can feel her faith reaching...


The walker has just been taken away and I am beginning to walk her in Jesus' Name!  See the faith and excitement on the faces of the crowd...


Sister Hickman has been healed and walking.  The excitement can be seen and felt in the faces of the people.  Not only did she walk, she danced before the Lord with such beautiful humbleness and thanksgiving!  Wonderful to see...   To GOD BE THE GLORY!!!


Sister Hickman is so grateful and people are rejoicing with her.  Some are in awe of the wondrous healing power of the Lord... It was Wonderful!!!


She is pausing to weep with thanksgiving and emotion...  this is a total miracle against the prognosis and diagnosis given her.  When all else fails, there is another voice that says:  "Try Me"


The empty walker with it's victim "FREE" gives credence, glory, and testimony to the Healing Power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  He is still the same yesterday, today,  and forever!

We were so thrilled and Blessed!  How can we not declare with a mighty voice His Wonders Performed...  ?


Emma Beckham


Emma Beckham came to the meeting with severe arthritis and much pain.  Near the end of the service I noticed her seated back in the auditorium and felt to pray for her.  Upon reaching her, I took her hand and began to lift her up and walked with her.  She walked without her walker on my arm.  Wonderful!


You can see the great effort she is making to exercise her faith in Jesus!  People were weeping and praying fervently all around us.  There is nothing to equal the move of God's Spirit upon His Believing People!


Here near the end or our walking and praying, she is worshipping and praising the Lord with tears of thanksgiving.  Her daughter has sent word that she is sleeping much better and it is my understanding without pain.  To God Be The Glory!

Continue to worship and praise the Lord for these precious souls and many others who claimed numerous  healings and deliverances !  TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT OF LOVE AND MERCY.  HE IS STILL A HEALER OR ALL DISEASES!!!


Lee Stoneking




Raised From The Dead

Sister Morris

Chicago Area  -  July 2001

Rev and Mrs. William  Morris

Elgin Illinois

July 2001


The Working of Miracles as recorded in the Book of Acts and spoken in  1 Corinthians 12 are still very much a part of the Church today.  “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”  (Hebrews 13:8)

We awoke on Saturday, July 28, 2001, to what seemed to be a normal day with a very busy schedule.  As Home Missionaries, we were house hunting in order to relocate in the area of our church, making contacts, etc.  Little did we realize what we would face that day or what God would do for us.  So many times we pray, “God, You direct our steps today.”  We were soon to discover that He truly had answered our prayer that day and guided our steps to be at the right place at the right time.

International Evangelist Lee Stoneking was ministering in a Revival Crusade at a United Pentecostal Church in the Chicago area.   Although our schedule was heavy, we felt directed to attend the service that night. The presence of the Lord was so very real during the service.  It was a time of true worship and praise.  As the preliminaries were drawing to a close, I began having pain on the right side of my chest and in my back.  The pain continued to worsen.

Bro. Stoneking began preaching.  His message was on the Gifts of Faith and Miracles.  We did not know that God was going to give such a magnificent demonstration of His Word.  As the service continued, I left the sanctuary and went into the foyer.  The pain then moved over into the center of my chest and was very severe.  After being in the foyer for sometime, Bro. Morris, came to check on me.  When he realized the seriousness of the situation, he sent one of the ushers back into the service to get some of the ministers to come and pray for me.

During the time of prayer, the pain became almost unbearable.  I became very nausea and then slumped over.  They picked me up and laid me on the floor. 
Dr. Mi Linn, from the Brookfield Church was in the congregation and immediately came to me, Bro Stoneking left ministering and came to pray, and the entire congregation began praying. There was no sign of circulation -- absolutely no sign of life whatsoever.  For three to five minutes Dr. Mi Linn tried to find a pulse but none could be found.

After laying hands on me and praying in Jesus' Name, God miraculously brought life back into my body.  As life was coming back, I could hear the people around me praying but they seemed to be so far away.  At this time my pulse rate was thirty.  As I became stronger, I began to speak in tongues almost as a whisper and then the more I worshipped the Lord the stronger I became.

Upon examination by my personal physician, it was found that my heart had failed due to a kidney problem.  The doctor's aunt had the same identical thing happen to her the very same night and died.  There was no one there to pray for her in Jesus’ Name.  They had her funeral a few days later!  

I was dead but now I live.  Although this is not the route that I would have chosen for my life, I praise God for what He has done.  He has proved Himself to me over and over.  I treasure the many times that He has ministered to me and the many miracles that He has performed during my convalescing.  I can assuredly say with the Apostle Paul, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  (Ro. 8:28)

God is alive and continues to perform miracles in our day!  He is truly a good God!  Praise God for the power in the Name of Jesus!  To God be the Glory for His unspeakable truths in these last days!

Sister Morris


I just recently saw Brother and Sister Morris (March 28, 2002) and she is the picture of health.  To God Be The Glory and may Apostolic procedures be restored to the church totally with a Five Fold Ministry as at the beginning in 33 AD.    It  is coming into existence rapidly in these closing hours of time.  God give us His Power to combat the growing forces of evil.  There is no substitute for the demonstration of the Spirit of God and Power!  AMEN!!!

Lee Stoneking - April 2002



News Flash!

As of this date, October 9, 2002;  I just received this glorious report from the Chicago area,  Jeannie King came for healing on Saturday night from Leukemia during our crusade.  We laid hands on her and prayed...

She was completely healed and the doctors have given her a report of  -  COMPLETELY CLEAN!!!  How can anyone deny that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever?  To God Be The Glory!!!


God is doing mighty miraculous things through His chosen vessels in this hour all over the earth.  Be it ours to rejoice and press forward while it is light before the night cometh when no man can work.  May Jesus help us individually and collectively!  In Jesus' Mighty Name!

Lee Stoneking





Personal Story

Lee Stoneking

Early 1970's


Here, I am preaching on the street in the Washington DC area in an outreach effort for Home Missions.  Brother Bill Harden, a long time friend of many years, is standing in the dark suit near the building in background.  This photo was taken about the time of the story's setting below in the early 1970's.


Recently I was looking through an old worn out Bible  from my Library when a piece of paper fell out from the back cover and then I remembered...  Remembered what?  A glorious healing from Tuberculosis.

Upon graduating from Apostolic Bible Institute in 1967, I found my way to the East Coast and developed a heavy burden for this particular part of the country.  During those years I began to pastor a small church in Schenectady, New York.  It was my first pastorate.  See photos below:

Photo on left:  The church on Webster Street.  Am sorry that the steeple does not show.  Notice the snow patches on the ground.

Photo on the right:  Interior of church.  I had drawn a chalk drawing for a special Christmas Program.  With a black light it glowed in the dark.  It was in this church and in this area of upstate New York that I dug out my ministry and connected with what I have hold of in the Spirit to this very day.


During those years the spirit world had not been  broken in this area.  With outreach, door to door canvassing, etc., and all that goes with it in an area like this, I became exhausted to the point that after a couple of years, I could barely function physically.  Fasting and long vigils of prayer had taken its toll.  It was during this time I developed a cough.  It became worse and worse until it reached the point that in the middle of my preaching I would literally wreck a sermon because of it.  I was distressed.

A trip home to Iowa to see my parents and a family doctor of many years to our family, I was examined.  His report was,  "Lee, I am sorry, but you have Tuberculosis."  I was stunned.  What does that mean, I asked?  His reply was, six months of total bed rest, and all kinds of medical terminology which did not mean much to me at that time.  I didn't say anything, but my mind was in a whirl.   How could I tell the church?  I felt I could not leave them.  Revival was breaking out and things were beginning to happen.

Home a few days, and I knew I had to announce it to the church.  The coughing was only getting worse.  On a Sunday night I did so after hacking a sermon to pieces with coughing and more coughing.  Explaining to them my situation and that I was not sure what to do or make of it all, the people (about 80 in number) and many of them teenagers began to stand and they came to the front wanting to lay hands on me for prayer and divine healing.  

I remember sitting down on the altar rail as they gathered round and began interceding for me.  It was powerful!  There were tears and much intense petitioning of the Lord for me.  The children got down on their little knees and held on to my pant legs.  It went on for some time.  It was moving!

After perhaps 20 or 30 minutes, most had begun to feel released from their burden for me and returned to their seats.  But there was one man who continued to hold on to me.   He would not let go.  His name was Robert Eskedal.  He was a Norwegian whom I had baptized in Jesus' Name.  He had seen mighty moves of the Spirit in Norway with great demonstration.  He was also gifted in the Spirit.  He continued with such purpose and intensity that I could not help but take note of it and remember it still to this day.

Brother and Sister Robert Eskedal

Finally wiping tears from his face, he let go of me and mentioned that he had seen something like two leaves with a black spot on one of them.  He also felt impressed of the Lord to not let go and continue praying for me until the spot disappeared.  The unusual thing he told me later,  was that while he was praying, the spot would move to the edge of the leaf  -   but not let go.  He felt confident that the spot must totally let go and totally detach itself from even the edge of the leaf.  In the end of his praying, it did and I was worshipping with him all the time.

From that night on I never coughed again.  I was totally miraculously healed.  To God Be The Total Glory!

A few days later, Brother Eskedal came to me with a drawing he had made and wanted to show it to me.  He then realized that the leaves he was viewing in the vision was not leaves, but my lungs and the spot was the infection.  He gave me that drawing which I have kept to this day as a testimony of this miracle, but had filed it in the Bible I was using at the time of that particular pastorate.  This drawing below is drawn with pencil on a plain piece of paper which is now over 31 years old.


Drawing by Robert Eskedal


I am ever grateful for what I know about God and His ways!  It has at this point in my life spilled over into the lives of others who are running with Revival and the moving of God's Spirit.  I have a marvelous and wonderful life in Him.  Because of what He has done for me, I vowed long ago that I would shout this from the housetops and I have done so and will continue to do so.  Retirement is not in my vocabulary...

Again,  thanks to one and all who have prayed and continue to pray for me personally and my ministry.  It is worth more than anything else known to me!  I am eternally grateful!  May you be rewarded by the Great Scorekeeper Himself is my prayer for you.

Lee Stoneking




The virtue still flows to one and all who reach for the hem of His garment after 2000 years!

He is the Same today as when He walked this earth so long ago!

 Oh What A Saviour!!!