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Lee Stoneking - 1975



  • Minister, Teacher, Lecturer, Author, Foreign Tour Guide

Lee Stoneking -  2003


Age  76     

Race:  Caucasian--English/German

Marital Status:   Single



  • High School Graduate
  • Seminary Graduate
    Graduated from Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota in 1967 as Honor Student of the Year and awarded Scholarship Award Certificate.


  • Bachelor of Theology in Apostolic Studies
  • Apostolic Bible College - St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Doctor of Christian Philosophy in Christian Education -  Institute for Christian Works Bible College and Seminary - South Carolina Campus
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Divinity
  • Southern Eastern University
  • Administrative Address in the UK (SEU)
  • 9 Unity Street, Bristol, BS1 5HH
  • Signed:  John C. Stacey-Hibbert & Chairman (SEU)


  • English
  • Speaks some Hebrew
  • Studied French for 1 1/2 years

Ministerial Status: 

  • Received Ordination to the Ministry  April 12, 1968

Ministerial Qualifications:

  • Pastored three different churches since 1967  pioneering one new work from the ground up through "Christmas For Christ" support.
  • Evangelistic Preaching and ministering between pastorates and now extensively for the last 20 years.
  • Evangelistic Work throughout the United States and on foreign soil including the nations of: England, Scotland, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, St. Croix, St. Marten,  Guatemala, Taiwan, El Salvador,  Philippines, and New Zealand.
  • In addition, has traveled to: Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, and Israel.


  • Former contributing Lecturer for Kent Christian College.
  • Tape ministry which has reached into many foreign destinations.
  • Conducted condensed School of the Scriptures seminars in United States, Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Tour Conductor to Holy Land:

  • Have conducted 18 tours to Israel to visit Holy Land sites and one personal touring experience in 1968.  
  • Total visits:  21
  • Awarded a special plaque from Israeli Ministry of Tourism at Jerusalem in April, 1996, for longtime contribution in promoting travel to Israel.


  • The Gifts of the Spirit  by Lee Stoneking, copyright 1975, which enjoys a wide circulation throughout the world;  has been and is being translated into foreign languages in several countries. 
  • Five-fold Ministry and Spiritual Insights by Lee Stoneking, copyright 2003, and has already been translated into the Russian language and will soon appear in Chinese also.
  • My Miracle - Story of his resurrection from the dead in 2003 by the Hand of Jesus
  • These books can be purchased from Bookstore on this website.

          He is presently working on more manuscripts.

Much of  Reverend Stoneking's ministry has been directed toward young people. Uppermost in his thinking is that it is better to build children than to repair men and in the words of J. Edgar Hoover, "If you want to change the world, change one generation."  

It only takes one generation to lose the truth.  It does not take two or three generations. If this generation of young people does not see the Apostolic demonstration  of the Spirit and Power of God, then it is lost to future generations.