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If thou canst believe, all things are possible  Mark 9:23



Brother Barnes was about 18 years old in this photo



Two of the greatest Christians I have ever known

in my 44 years of Christianity



I Am Grateful!

Brother Barnes stated:  "If you want to hear anointed Bible preaching with signs, wonders, and miracles following, go and hear Lee Stoneking.  I did, and was blessed to see and to know Bible days are here again."  Pastor T. W. Barnes, Minden La


During the last two years of his ministry among us, Brother T. W. Barnes paid me the highest compliment I have ever been paid in my relationship and ministry with him when at the end of my preaching one Sunday night, he left his chair of authority and observance oversight where he always sat while guest preachers preached and joined me in the altar service.

Suddenly as I was ministering among the people who had gathered at the altar, I heard his praying voice beside me and upon turning, viewed him ministering along side of me to the people.

Saints who had been under his ministry all of their lives said to me later, "He has never done that with anyone who has ever preached here in all these years that we have known and been pastored by him."  

Obviously, Brother Barnes felt comfortable and at ease in a kindred ministering spirit with me as we prayed for many during the altar service for that evening service.  I am highly honored and Blessed with this most eventful occurrence and indelible memory! 

This framed 8X10 photo above greeted those who entered his wake to pay their respect and love...








"If you are too big to repent, you are to big to go to heaven."

"God may be waiting to answer your prayer because He is planning something bigger and better for you."

"If you pray for the mountain to be removed and it is there the next morning, then climb your mountain!"



Recognitions:  In 1998, Brother Barnes was honored as 'Man of the Year' in Minden, Louisiana.


Lee Stoneking

To Be continued with writing and more photos..