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This area is an expression of my appreciation and gratefulness dedicated especially to all of you who Partner In Missions  with me.   Your generous and faithful giving makes these reports possible.   May the Blessings of the Lord be ever upon you and yours I pray!      Lee Stoneking


Praise God: We now have missionaries in 203 countries in the world with 800 missionaries all around the world

Bruce Howell, Foreign Missions Director - Feb 2013











                  Pastor & Mrs. Timothy Lee

Missionary Steve Willoughby


Come Encounter Jesus Crusade

July 6-8-12


CEJ Crusade   was wonderfully attended with God moving among us in such a Personal and Familiar way.  It was as if we simply picked up where we left off last year - How Great! 

On Sunday there were over 700 in attendance with T J and Joy Fellowship (the Filipino congregation) combined -  There were in total = 37 visitors throughout the weekend with 10 receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and 2 Baptized in Jesus' Saving Name!

Brother Willoughby had not been physically able to attend church services in two months prior to my arrival for C E J.  He came to every service I taught and preached.  He wept, cried, spoke in tongues with saints lovingly surrounding him at all times.  What a Great Hero of the Faith Steve Willoughby is in this day and hour.  God has used Steve and Barb to open doors in Asia that have never been opened before.  An honor it is for me to have known them, worked with them and possess them as personal friends.  There is no one quite like them.  I refer to them as if Barb were still alive - in our hearts she is - in our memory she is - and always will be.  Her angel can be felt in the services!  Heaven will be so wonderful to discover all the details of this great faith which we now only see in part...

Jesus touched Steve and his short term memory returned (The powerful pain killing drugs had destroyed  his short term memory)

Barak and Meghan wept on Monday morning after a powerful Sunday service in which the Lord had touched Steve with healing because:   Monday morning he remembered the Sunday afternoon service and events of Sunday evening in their home where we had had dinner together. 

Monday evening in their home, Steve laughed, wept, and spoke in tongues as he recounted the Blessings of our having been together for the last 14 years in Singapore  crusades and camp meetings where God had manifested Himself powerfully again and again!  It was Wonderful to see him as his old self once again...  To God Be The Glory!!!

Lee Stoneking




April - May




Host Pastors this year:  Pastor and Sister Robinette - Pastor and Sister Wey (Germany)

We were blessed to have our Regional Director and wife with us, Brother & Sister Tuttle in attendance along with Brother & Sister Stovall.  The Stovall's are leaving Germany after 25 years of service among the German people.  They were honored  by all and presentation was made to them personally.  Lovely People!

"Monumental what has happened in Europe!  The Gifts of the Spirit have broken out all over Europe!  The Bible School Students were changed forever!"  I taught six hours straight with two ten minutes breaks for the people.  There were about 90 in attendance of which about 70 were Bible School Students.  Missionaries and Pastors from British Isles and Russia to name a few were in attendance.  When I finished, the Spirit of the Lord broke out upon the people and marvelous impartations from God were received by the audience.  It was a Wonderful experience for me - I shall never forget the touch of God upon us all!!!  AMEN!

Lee Stoneking



December 2010


This year we had a total of 68 foreign guests and Barnabus Delegates joining us at DCD, coming from India, Myammar, Pakistan, China, America, Canada,  Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia!

What an outstanding representation from our fields of labor for the Lord throughout the United Pentecostal Church International!

God is moving in unprecedented ways in these closing hours of the Gentile Dispensation!  That we are honored to live and participate in the final ingathering of souls for His Kingdom means more than words can say to those of us who love and serve Him in this hour!


Immediately upon arriving at DCD in Malaysia, I was given a letter stating with excitement which leaped off the paper that Pastor Pervaiz's wife whom we had prayed for last year with cancer and hepatitis C had been totally healed!!!

To: The Honorable Brother Lee Stoneking - USA   "We are really thankful for your powerful prayers and remembering our family."      Pervaiz Phillip


On December 5th prior to beginning of DCD in Malaysia, 3 were baptized in Jesus' saving Name and 5 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  There was great expectancy from all present for DCD Camp Meeting and it brought forth great spiritual dividends during the services in Malaysia.

We were privileged to have both Brother and Sister Allan and Linden Shalm  attending this landmark event for the Asia and the Pacific rim area. 

The Scotts were ordained into their powerful ministry in Pakistan where they are being mightily used by the Lord to reach the Pakistanis.  I am so impressed with them as Christians and as Laborers in the Lord's vineyard in this hour!

Bishop Steve Willoughby is overlooking the ministry praying the prayer of commission and blessing upon Brother and Sister Scott.  It was wonderfully powerfully sanctioned by the Holy Ghost!

Lee Stoneking...




School of the Scriptures in Singapore enrolled 234 students for the intense study course.  The manifestation of the Holy Ghost during and at end of teaching sessions was literally transporting our spirits into realms of the Spirit of God that most had never experienced before.  I cannot remember ever experiencing such Powerful Reaching of the Holy Ghost toward us as a people!  It was life changing!!!  There were students from Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia enrolled in the school - marvelous the hunger and worship they exhibited!


Brother Willoughby attended every session and wept with such anointing upon him that it overflowed to all present!

I marveled at it a number of times - God is forever new and demonstrating His love for us!

Brother Willoughby's tumors are shrinking! To God Be the Glory!

Sister Willoughby's angel was present in the services. It actually felt like she was there...

Her influence is reaching us still... She being dead yet speaketh! 

How Great is our God and His Ways upon us!



Come Encounter Jesus 

was filled with the Greatness of God and His People!  Mighty was the moving of God's Spirit - Holy Ghost infillings, baptisms and then at 2:00 PM - Joy Fellowship, the Filipino Daughter work, now numbering near 1000 people pastored by Brother & Sister Cargondo exploded with revival!

I was honored to preach it once again this year.  52 visitors present - 30 received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and 18 were baptized in Jesus' Saving Name! It was Gloriously Victorious




Doji and Nancy Cargondo are a total delight to be with - ministering - worshipping - and preaching together.  I am Blessed in His Vineyard laboring together with such select laborers in this hour before His Coming!

Lee Stoneking




Japan General Conference

Naha Okinawa, Japan - May 2 - 6 

APOSTOLIC is the only word applicable to the manifestation of God's Power and Presence upon the people of Japan in this General Conference!  We were honored to have Regional Director, Allan Shalm, present during the conference.  What an outstanding example of Christianity he demonstrates among us!

God opened the blind eye of a lady visiting the first night - it electrified the entire meeting.  I did not get to finish the message...  God mightily placed His Hand of approval on His Word.  So emotional and inspiring to feel the anointing as we watched her keep touching her eye, feel the tissue around the eye and then manifest a countenance of awe and gratefulness toward Jesus!!
It took three nights to finish the message on Angels which I felt led of the Lord to preach to the Japanese people. 

The Holy Ghost kept falling upon the audience with tremendous manifestation of His Power and Presence. 

The people responded overwhelmingly toward Him! They were mightily blessed experiencing deliver-ance and emotional healings on every hand!

The second night was prophetic and the third

 night there were prophetic utterances. 

That God is among us in this hour is the most

 comforting reality one could know!

David and Myself at end of altar service.

"God used Brother Stoneking to mightily impact Japanese with miracles, signs, and wonders.  A Japanese lady's blind eye was opened!

Special Thanks to Everyone - your prayers and faithful support is making an impact in Japan and Asia!"   David Doan


Missionary David K. Doan with his wonderful wife and family are doing a most commendable work in Japan.  Real revival is breaking for them as they harvest from the very streets where people are thronging continuously...

From my vantage point as an Apostolic Evangelist, I personally feel that the Apostles of old if resurrected among us, would be comfortable operating among us in many places where we labor in the harvest fields at this midnight hour!

Lee Stoneking





“Dear Brother Stoneking,

One more time, thank you so much for blessing us with your ministry. We will never be the same here in Norway.

The expectation was high, before Rev Stoneking arrived in Oslo, Norway. Thousands of invitations had been delivered out, Posters were hung up, and weeks of fasting and prayers was about to give its fruits.

The Christian Norwegian newspaper - Norway today - wrote a whole page article about Reverend Stoneking’s miracle of being raised from the dead!  We expected a lot of visitors, so we tore down a wall in our sanctuary to seat an additional 50 people.

The first night, we crammed more than 200 people in our church in Oslo.  It is without question the largest meeting we ever had in our country.  Faith built among the people when Reverend Stoneking shared his testimony. Two were baptized, and one received the Holy Ghost, and several testified of God healing them in the meeting!

The second night the meeting was in a little town one hour from Oslo, called Fredrikstad. The church attendance there is around ten people. This Saturday, there was over 100 people in attendance with a lot of visitors from the local city. Three more received the Holy Ghost baptism.  People were so excited and thrilled!

Last night, we were back in Oslo. This is where God gave us the real big break  this weekend! Before the meeting started, we baptized one that had received the Holy Ghost the previous night. Four more received the Holy Ghost in the service, and three of them were baptized in Jesus’ Saving Name!  AMEN!

In total we had eight receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and six baptized in the Name of Jesus. Only the future will tell the impact Reverend Stoneking has had on this country. Many important doors were opened and we look forward to work on and walk through those opened doors!!!

Thank you, Brother Stoneking for challenging us & encouraging us! We will forever be changed!”

Pastor Andreassen


About Tom and JiJis' Baby

which was not supposed to be normal at all because of birth defects...

The doctors were really pushy about taking out the feeding tube, because he wouldn't have a life as they phrased it... But Tom said, how can I allow them to take the life God has given?

Day before yesterday, they came in with specialists in reflexes and nervous systems. They where astonished as they said several times,  "This is amazing. this is not what the report is saying at all. This is fantastic. His reflexes are now highly improving."  He followed Tom's finger with his eyes. God is working a miracle.  

Thanks for all the prayers, Bother Stoneking.  We are praying for you and your ministry as well.

Pastor Andreassen



Deep Calleth Unto Deep

December 7 - 11          Singapore/Malaysia

Missionaries:  Steve &  Barb Willoughby


A Memorial and Salute to a Prophetess of God

Barb Willoughby was known for her acuteness in Spiritual matters - Wonderfully used by the Lord!  Sorely missed by all who knew her - but her influence is powerful still in the lives of the countless her life touched... 

I will always remember her power and anointing from Heaven's Throne - her worship - singing and dancing unto the Lord - She made Jesus real and alive in everyday life here on planet earth.

 Personally, I do not understand why she was taken from us in an untimely death, but then God did not ask me to understand, He just asked me to Trust Him and Believe - so I trust Him and believe...  AMEN!       The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...Blessed Be The Name Of the Lord!


Some of the last family photos - A treasure for all of us


                   The Whole Family                                                   Barb and Children

Lee Stoneking



It can ever be said Of Barbara Willoughby 

She gave her utmost for His Highest!





Awakening Conference

HopeLive Congregation - Sydney, Australia

December 18 - 20











Pastor Richard & Claudia Nassif

Lovely People and personal

friends of many years.

Used mightily to assist me in

 my death and resurrection

 experience - I can never

forget  their  hospital vigils

and kind attention to my

 person  November 2003!

This truly was an Awakening Conference  - a great breaking in the spirit world manifested itself in the services - there was such a sweeping of healing and refreshing from God for all individuals present among the congregation and visitors from surrounding churches and area.  It was a delight to see everyone again this year!

Brother and Sister Downs, Superintendent  of Australia, graced us once again this year with their presence and lovely Christianity!

Lee Stoneking


This year at Awakening Conference I met this amazing young man, Kofi Boateng, on fire for the Lord!  After hearing his testimony, I asked him to write and send it to me.  It is as follows:  

I had a wonderful time at the Awakening Conference with Rev Lee Stoneking. It was like a dream come true to see and meet Rev Lee Stoneking!  I couldn't wait to tell him how I got saved listening to his preaching tape.

At the age of 12 one of my cousins invited me to a UPC service. At that time I didn't know anything about God. The service was good and  I felt a deep yearning for God, although I still wasn't sure about the Oneness Revelation. One day my cousin invited me to come over to his house so that we could listen to a preaching tape.  I reluctantly agreed not knowing that would be the turning point of my life.


During the preaching  I could feel the Holy Ghost Power as Bro Stoneking spoke; it was something I had never felt or heard before.  I felt God calling me to totally surrender my life to him.

After the preaching we started praying and tears were rolling down my face...

I repented of my sins and gave my life to Jesus!  It was a   WONDERFUL experience - there was just a fire burning inside of me.

The same week  I attended a UPC children's conference and God filled me with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost!  I am so Happy!


That was not the end of it.  I decided to take the tape by Rev Lee Stoneking to boarding school - I wanted to share my testimony with my Friends.  It was amazing how my Scripture Union Friends were receptive to the gospel that changed me.  My Friends told me they had never heard anything like that before.  They gave their lives to Jesus and up to now they are still living for God.

I thank God for Brother Stoneking's ministry that has reached my country Zimbabwe. I now study at a university in Australia. Before coming here I would make copies of DVDs of Rev Lee Stoneking's preaching and distribute them to my Friends.  Hundreds have been converted!    Bro Kofi Boateng








Come Encounter Jesus

This year was marvelous in the Spirit!

  God so mightily moved upon us as we

 gathered, worshipped, and prayed

 together.  It was truly





In the services between Tabernacle of Joy (Pastor Timothy Lee - Bishop Willoughby) and Joy Fellowship (Filipino Daughter work - Pastor Cargondo) there were 41 receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and 15 baptized in Jesus' Mighty Saving Name!  Praise God!

After preaching the T J services Sunday morning, I was asked by Brother Cargondo to preach the afternoon Filipino Joy Fellowship service.  I was delighted to do so...  37 visitors were in the Filipino service.  35 of them received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost - all within 30 minutes.  The power of God's Spirit filled the place!!!


Mission Trip to Tuao - Philippines

With God there are no endings, only endless beginnings

Tabernacle of Joy Church Dedication

Tuao - Philippines - July 16, 2009 1:30 PM

Glorious Occasion!

This beautiful church was built by Brother Wong Toon Jin  from Tabernacle of Joy in Singapore.  He is endowed with the greatest gift of giving and helping within the Kingdom of God that I personally have known.   Brother Wong had asked me last year if I would travel to Tuao and dedicate the facility once it was finished - I was Honored and blessed to do so!

Story A Filipino young woman, Violy, left her native village to work in Singapore as a maid.  She was a wonderfully dedicated Apostolic Christian and was hired by the T J Wong family.  After some 19 years and being accepted like a daughter into the Wong family, her hearts desire was that there would be a church in her village.  Brother Wong fulfilled that dream and made it reality! 

The building is simply beautiful and stands august against the background of beautiful hills the tallest building in the village which can been seen from some distance as you approach the village.

During the time that she worked for the Wong household, Brother Wong came down with liver cancer and was not expected to live.  She had prayed for the family daily all those years and was able to testify and share her Jesus with him and his family in this hour of need...  Bother Wong and his entire family received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and were baptized in Jesus' Name for the remission of sins.  I had the honor of praying with both of their sons when they were filled with the Holy Ghost!  It was just marvelous and both were filled in the same service just minutes apart!

Brother Wong came down with liver cancer and was not expected to live.  The prognosis was not good.  Brother Willoughby and I prayed for Brother Wong along with the church body and he was marvelously and completely healed!  Outstanding miracle!!!

I count the Wong family dear and personal friends.  Just the loveliest of people!

Ribbon cutting - formal entrance into the edifice - and then the building was dedicated with powerful move of the Lord's Spirit.  Brother Wong's brother and wife, plus another architect which had worked along with Brother Wong in the building process came to Tuao for the church dedication.

The next day was the first evangelistic service held in the now dedicated church.  Many came - people from village - congressman - those from afar.   The Spirit of God fell near the end of my preaching and 52 people received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Glorious is the only word that comes close to the joy and power of God's Spirit that manifested itself! 

Among those who received the Holy Ghost was Brother Wong's brother and his fellow architect!  Such rejoicing cannot be transmitted with words - it however, will always be indelibly ingrained in my soul!  Brother Wong's brother was baptized in Jesus' Name immediately after receiving the Holy Ghost!  Joy unspeakable - it was!

On Sunday after our departure back to Singapore, 5 more received the Holy Ghost and more baptized in Jesus' Name:  Totals:  Holy Ghost - 61   Baptized - 25

Lee Stoneking





The City Hall in background  typically presents the magnificence of Vienna.  It is without doubt the most beautiful city I have seen in all of my travels.  Every building is a masterpiece of sculpture, baroque relief, statuary, fountains, flowers... - it continues from block to block without end...    History comes startlingly alive in this city... it was my pleasure to eat in one of the most famous Cafes in Vienna - CAFE CENTRAL.  During the dining experience, I was informed that both Hitler and Stalin had eaten in this cafe.  Lenin had informed and encouraged Stalin to eat at Cafe Central.  That history can speak in such a setting is a most realistic experience!

Lee Stoneking



Date:  May 1 - 3 - 2009 

Missionary:  Charles G. Robinette

Nine received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with power, changing completely the recipients before our eyes...

In the words of Pastor Robinette, the following excerpts from his letter to Brothers Rodenbush, Tuttle & German/Austrian District Pastors allows all readers to flow into the Presence of the Lord miraculously manifested in the Vienna District Conference.  One becomes an eye witness and participant through his account expressed in the following letter to me personally which I share with you here...



Brother Rodenbush, Brother Tuttle & German/Austrian District Pastors,

Greetings in Jesus Name! 

What an amazing conference we just experienced!

In the words of Brother Stoneking, "Never in my life have I witnessed such a deep, anointed and powerful move of the Spirit of the Lord anywhere in the world!"

We have undoubtedly tapped into something chain breaking, prison opening, and region shaking!

I told Brother Stoneking on the way to the airport Monday morning "so far in my life I have witnessed God fill over 200,000 people with the Holy Ghost with my own eyes;  I have seen blinded eyes opened; even deaf ears unstopped; watched as God caused the lame to walk; demons cast out through the Name of Jesus; weather change immediately through prayer to facilitate revival; I have been greatly blessed to see God keep almost every promise in His Word; but for the first time in my life I feel like we are in unchartered waters."

This weekend has done something unexplainable in the spirit realm!  My faith is higher than it has ever been but I truly believe anything that I would expect from this weekend would be well below what God is going to do.

No doubt, multitudes will receive the holy Ghost, masses will be baptized in Jesus' Name, whole churches will be converted and Jesus will be glorified through it all.

But something tells me that it is going to be much better than that!...

Rev. Charles G. Robinette -  Missionary to Austria


Dear Brother Stoneking,

We want to tell you again how amazing it was to have you in Austria! Pastors continue to email and telephone me about the life changing impact these services made not only on them but on the countries they work in. One pastor told me yesterday that the glory of the Lord came back to Germany with them and they could only lay on the floor and travail the whole service.

Our service in Vienna was just a continuation of the weekend. It began with such explosive worship and bled into intense intersession and the gift of faith just flowed through the whole service. I preached “I refuse to be satisfied” and the church just exploded with hunger to go even deeper than the Lord used you to take us to last weekend.

Something amazing is happening in Europe and we all thank the Lord for your willingness to come to Europe for such a time as this.

Charles Robinette





November 2008




Sydney, Australia

Nov 24 - 26








Pastor: Richard & Claudia Nassif



Video Link:


All Are Most

Welcome to

Attend and

Receive from the

Lord among us!


Richard Nassif



In these closing hours of the Dispensation of Grace, the Lord is with great persuasion courting us in the ministry and the laity to engage  in Apostolic Power. We with hunger do  volunteer into His Might and Leading to reach this present world.  Jesus grant it I pray and TO GOD BE THE GLORY for its effect on mankind! 

Lee Stoneking



Here is what the Lord Manifested


"The ministry of Bro Stoneking was simply outstanding. and we had some incredible moves of the Spirit of God during the course of the conference.

The attendance to AWAKENING kept increasing as the days went on. It didn't seem to matter that the conference was held on week nights, as the hungry hearts came from near and far to be a part of what the Lord was doing in the Sutherland Shire.

Many incredible things happened during these 3 days. People received healings, deliverance and victory over things that held them back, with one person proclaiming.. "I got to see first hand how God can really heal right before my eyes, literally!!!" At least 4 received the Holy Spirit and some were Baptized.

Great Unity and love swept amongst the individuals, Leaders and Pastors.  On the Tuesday evening, an intimate dinner with Rev Lee Stoneking was held for all the Leaders and Pastors. This proved to be a special time for all of the Leadership that were able to be a part.

The AWAKENING teaching seminar was enlightening, teaching on Insights to the Supernatural, Spiritual Gifts and Five-fold ministry. The impartation and revelation was invaluable to everyone who was there.

I would like to thank Bro Stoneking for his wonderful ministry. His sacrifice and commitment to be with us at HopeLive for AWAKENING is greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank our General Superintendent and his wife, Bro and Sis Downs  for being present at this event. Also our Presbyter, Bro Celovski, and all the ministers and Pastors from many different Churches among whom were: Bro and Sis Morris, Bro and Sis Vulvosa, Bro and Sis Terry, Bro and Sis Turkington, Sis Ludy, Bro and Sis Pange"

Pastor Richard Nassif


Messages from some of the ministry

I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed being with you and with all the people for the couple of days. What a great fellowship! I've been blessed and encouraged through Brother Stoneking's ministry.     Bro. Celovski

Thanks so much for all the hard work you put in to have Bro Stoneking minister. It was so awesome!     Bro. Morris


We had a wonderful time

in both teaching and

fellowship. It was great

to catch up with

Brother Stoneking.


on the success!

Brother & Sister Downs

General Superintendent

of Australia


Finally I would like to Thank all of the team from HopeLive for all their time, sacrifice and hard-work that made this conference a wonderful success! 

We are excited about AWAKENING 2009 with Rev Lee Stoneking. Expecting bigger and better things as we are planning to host AWAKENING over a weekend.  Dates to be confirmed soon!  

Pastor Richard Nassif


The music was wonderful - just some of the very best!  The fellowship and togetherness in God was totally strengthening leaving one refreshed in soul.  Jesus is like that - Approaching Him with less than enough - we leave with more than enough!

Lee Stoneking







CEJ 2008 was an experience to ever be remembered.  Jesus permeated each service with    His Reaching for us!!!   We normally expect to reach for Him in worship, prayer, supplications, and voices lifted in exaltation - we have gathered to do so... 

But that Jesus reached for us filled the very atmosphere of the services with awe, wonder,   and a fresh melody of love for God became played out of our inner most beings into the      very air around and above us! 

I stand amazed in reflection upon the graciousness of God. His compassion for us, the work    of His Creation Hands.




In four services, 105 received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost - 31 were baptized in the Wonderful Name of Jesus for the remission of their sins - 41 UTB (Unlock the Bible)  Bible studies were secured from among the visitors and new born again believers.



It was difficult to contain the excitement with such waves of His Spirit

and revelations falling like rain upon those in attendance...

Powerfully Wonderful for the recipient and the observer

Healings and deliverances were numerous - the Gift of Faith operated freely

and with might in every service.  To God Be The Glory!!!





請你 來幫助我們。

Come over ... and help us"  Acts 16:9


Eighth Turning Point Conference

Host Missionary:  Tom Bracken, National Superintendent

Conference Speakers  -  Lee Stoneking - Evening  &  Israel Kang - Day 

Asian Masses Are Reaching Worldwide

Marvelous To Behold!


Highlights of Turning Point Conference

A total of approximately 600 attended throughout the five services.

Forty-four participated in our Saturday Spiritual leadership Seminar.  This number included four guests - two couples which Brother Israel Kang had met and invited.  Three of them received the Holy Ghost and three of them were baptized during the seminar!

Over 30  were filled with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and 13 were baptized in Jesus' Mighty Saving Name as begun nearly 2000 years ago by the Apostles of the Lord in Acts 2:38 and beyond until this day!  He left now Himself without a Witness and that Witness is filling the world in this eleventh hour of man's destiny!!!



Over 30 hands were raised on the last night when I asked who had received a definite, miraculous healing.  One lady, who had found it necessary to use a walker, began to walk fine without it.  A relative carried it home that night because she no longer needed to use it.  Another man who due to a a broken back was confined to a wheelchair, stood and walked back and forth the length of the altar.  Later he was baptized in Jesus' Wonderful Name.

Another exciting development was that there were right at 80 first time visitors to this conference!  We are now in the process of following up on those who filled out a visitor's card.     Tom Bracken, National Superintendent




Brother Wang powerfully witnessed to two couples at the airport and in public - he invited them to Turning Point conference - they came!  Both couples were baptized in the Saving Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins.  Such joy was contagious and the Holy Ghost was powerfully evidenced as they spoke with tongues and magnified the Lord of Glory!

Lee Stoneking



My personal thanks to Tony

McCall for the kind sharing

of his photos from Turning

Point conference for this

web display of God's

Presence and Glory among

the people!

Tony McCall

Brother McCall and family are

dear and precious friends of

the work in Taiwan.  Their

contribution of faith and

ministry during the services is

of powerful support both for

myself and the Brackens!





December 2007


A twenty day tour of duty took me to Singapore, Pakistan, Singapore, into Malaysia,  back to Singapore for Sunday service, and back to the USAI must not be the same.  In all my travels to date, I have never so realistically connected with a Book of Acts Apostolic power in ministry and demonstration.  My prayer is that I will never disconnect from what was mine in authority and ministry while among these precious men and saints of God on this tour of duty for the Lord's Kingdom!  Jesus grant it - AMEN!


Pakistan Imparting -Transmitting Crusade

Missionary:  Allan Shalm      Date:  December 3-7, 2007

To God Be The Glory!

Eleven years ago the Shalm's held their first crusade in Pakistan which was the begining of the great revival now in progress. They have increased

from approximately 8,900constituents among us at that time until now at the end of 2007, there are 125,000 constituents within our ranks.


Every man of God who preaches the Gospel should make and spend one trip into these foreign fields.  It would change his connection with God, his insight into the Gospel's power and worth, but most importantly it would re-define his goals and values in this short pilgrimage through life on planet earth as mankind in general knows it;

For:  When the day is done and we are asked to give account for our labor in His Vineyard, cursed be the man who comes dripping wet out of the sea of life 'empty handed' to look into the face of the Savior and hear from His lips, "Lovest thou me more than these?"  Please, Jesus, come near to us and let all who labor for and profess to love you in these closing hours of time hear your voice personally and know your burden for lost humanity.  In Jesus' Name I pray for all who read from this page...

Lee Stoneking


Brother Shalm is a true Prophet of the Lord. His authority and anointing in the Holy Ghost convey this aura of the prophetic office of God's power & Presence as in the Book of Acts.

How marvelous to be an eye witness to this in these hours of harvest just before the Coming of the Lord!

I am privileged to know Brother Shalm personally - to call him - 'Friend.'  Thank you, Brother Shalm for the honor!     

He Was in Powerful Intercession throughout the Crusade as seen in the photo above right    

Lee Stoneking


Letter received from Missionary Allan Shalm

Dear Brother Stoneking,

We are now back in Pakistan, and are still feeling the afterglow of the meetings with you here and in Singapore. I don't think Asia will ever be the same again. Thank you so much for coming and impacting this part of the world.
I was at Brother Khalid's the other day, and he updated me on the situation about the television reporter from Japan. The day after you left he came to visit Brother Khalid because he wanted to interview you. Brother Khalid said you had gone, but showed him a video of you giving your testimony at Because of the Times. Brother Khalid had to leave the room for a few minutes, and when he came back, tears were rolling down the man's cheeks. He told Brother Khalid that he had come to our meeting with the pastor of the church we were renting from, and had only been intending to stay for about ten minutes. He said he could feel a powerful presence in the place, and when the pastor left after his comments to the crowd, the reporter said he was going to stay. He remained for the entire meeting and videoed your message. He evidently sent it to Japan where it was broadcast. He mentioned in the broadcast that Pakistan was known for terrorism, but that meetings like ours were also going on that were very powerful in the Spirit. He said he felt you were like an apostle and spoke with such authority.
The man gave Brother Khalid a copy of a book that he had written and presented to President Musharraf. Evidently it had  been talked about quite a bit on television here. He is working for Muslim/Christian unity and had visited a number of Christian churches in Pakistan. He said he had not felt in those churches what he felt in our meeting.

Brother Khalid

He is very interested to meet you again and in fact is presently in New York... I did think how amazing it was that the Lord has already begun to use that meeting across Asia. Pakistan is on the extreme west and Japan is on the extreme eastern part of the continent. To me it is a sign that the move of the Spirit will be continent-wide.

Wonderful Man of God with a Great Church

The man gave Brother Khalid a copy of a book that he had written and presented to President Musharraf. Evidently it had  been talked about quite a bit on television here. He is working for Muslim/Christian unity and had visited a number of Christian churches in Pakistan. He said he had not felt in those churches what he felt in our meeting. He is very interested to meet you again and in fact is presently in New York...  I did think how amazing it was that the Lord has already begun to use that meeting across Asia. Pakistan is on the extreme west and Japan is on the extreme eastern part of the continent. To me it is a sign that the move of the Spirit will be continent-wide.

Everyone I have spoken to that attended the meeting has said they have never been in such a powerful meeting like that before in their lives. I feel we have only begun to see the impact of it upon this part of the world.
Thank you again for coming. I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate it. We are looking forward to your return next year.
Please have a Blessed Christmas and Wonderful New Year!        December 22, 2007
Allan Shalm  



February, 2008 - Additional information:   from The Pakistan Challenge news letter, Winter 2008, written and reported by Brother Shalm: "To this meeting one third of the 600 seats of  our rented church auditorium were filled with secular and religious leaders in the denominational Christian community that had been personally invited so that they could see apostolic ministry in action.

A former federal cabinet minister, several doctors, educators and Para church leaders were joined by some of our pastors and local church leaders from across Pakistan. THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL MEETINGS WE HAVE SEEN IN OUR EXPERIENCE." 

Allan Shalm   



On the second night of conference, Brother Willoughby preached a definitive message on worship - he demonstratively worshipped before all dancing around the entire auditorium - INCREDIBLE IS THE WORD! - the whole place was powerfully involved - miraculous things happened in the Spirit for the entire conference!  Thank You Brother Willoughby!



Jan 8, 2008 - Update:   I just received an email from Missionary Allen Shalm stating reports have come in from pastors that 175 people received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in the two nights of seminar which Brother Willoughby and I preached.    To God Be the Glory!      Lee Stoneking